Personal Tutoring Services

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Personal tutoring in every aspect of computer use is another service I provide.  I offer training to  help you feel more comfortable working with your computer and make you feel like an old pro in a short period of time. There are certain things that everyone should know when working with computers. The most important is exactly how to back up files. You should also know how to copy and paste and cut and paste files and the difference between the two. Also, how to burn CD/DVD’s or transfer your files to a flash drive or external hard drive. Just knowing these basic things will save you hours of time and work. You should also feel very comfortable navigating through your computer and knowing how to save files to a specific location and understanding how to use the common dialogue box. I can also teach you how to sell on Craig's List and eBay. If you would like to learn these fundamental computer skills, I can help get you where you want to be. Just give me a call at (615) 390-1232 and you will be glad you did.